Friday, September 13, 2013

All Craigslist Gems Vine Videos so far - Monica Hamburg

Here are links to all my "Craigslist Gems" Vine videos so far (showcasing actual absurd posts on Craigslist).
  • If you can't hear any sound, just scroll over the video and there should appear - in the upper left hand-side of the video - a volume button that you can just click to make sound happen.
  • If it doesn't play automatically - just click on the picture/video to make that happen.

#18: "It Could Happen!!!"

#17: "High Art"

#16:  "Attn: Lesbians!" 

#15: "The Best Workout!!!"  

#14: "Time to Relax" 

#13:  "Making New Friends" (Or "How to Make Friends and Influenza People.)  

#13: "Stay Pure!" (And, yes, I now realize there are 2 #13s. Counting isn't my strong suit)

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